84413370 DPF Filter Particulate-Muffler

84413370 DPF Filter Particulate-Muffler

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Case IH | Forklift H | Skid Steer S | Farmall

Weight: 15.200000

Brand: Case IH

Tier 4 EPA standard require Diesel engine manufacturers to reduce the level of particulate matter and Nitrogen Oxides from the exhaust. When the engine is combusting, nitrogen and oxygen mix to produce NOx; a harmful compound that contributes to acid rain and ground level ozone depletion.

DEF is used to combat pollutants by injecting DEF directly into the exhaust stream to mix with the exhaust gases—converting NOx emissions into pure nitrogen and water vapor. Injecting DEF allows the engine to be tuned for maximum performance and fuel economy. DEF consumption ranges from 3-6% of fuel consumption and it is imperative that the DEF streamed into your exhaust is clean and pure for optimal performance. Protect you DEF system and fluid with a CNH DEF filter.

Filter 84473370 fits:

Case IH Forklift H models 586H Tier 4A and 588H Tier 4A

Case IH Skid Steer S models SR220 Tier 4A, SR250 Tier 4A, SV250 Tier 4A, and SV300 Tier 4A

Case IH Farmall models 85C Tier 4A S/N ZxxV5xxxx, 85C Tier 4A S/N ZxxX5xxxx, 85C Hi-Lo Tier 4A S/N ZxxV0xxxx, 95C Tier 4A S/N ZxxV5xxxx, 95C Tier 4A S/N ZxxX5xxxx, 95C Hi-Lo Tier 4A S/N ZxxV0xxxx, 105C Tier 4A S/N ZxxX5xxxx, 105C Tier 4A S/N ZxxV5xxxx, 105C Hi-Lo Tier 4A S/N ZxxV0xxxx, 105U Efficient Power Tractor Tier 4A S/N ZxJRxxxxx, 105U Efficient Power Tractor Tier 4A S/N ZxJKxxxxx, 115C Tier 4A S/N ZxxV5xxxx, 115C Tier 4A S/N ZxxX5xxxx, 115C Hi-Lo Tier 4A S.N ZxxV0xxxx, 115U Efficient Power Tractor Tier 4A ZxJKxxxxx, and 115U Efficient Power Tractor Tier 4A S/N ZxJRxxxxx.


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